E X C E L S I O R   

 Born and raised in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Rob Weidamoyer has been a
presence in the Mid-Atlantic music education scene for over two decades. 

After  holding every available position from instructor to director with stops along the
way as a caption head, program coordinator and designer, Rob’s extensive
experience in various roles has molded his approach to teaching, composing,
arranging and leadership into a style which makes the education of his students
paramount, while still meeting the overall goals of an organization. Rob considers
his most notable achievement to be the long list of students who have experienced
success at the highest levels, particularly those now teaching and writing for their
own concert, jazz and marching ensembles.

A dual career background in music education and public safety gives Rob a
unique perspective regarding the evolving demands of learning and social
environments facing today’s students, as well as what’s necessary to ensure their
overall health and welfare. An alumnus of Penn State, Rob holds degrees in Business,
Organizational Leadership and is currently the Head of Safety for a non-profit arts
partnership in Philadelphia, PA.

 During the rare times when Rob isn’t working or performing, he enjoys spending time with his also overscheduled, artistic family and their Siberian Husky.

Percussion  Writer  - ROB  WEIDAMOYER