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E X C E L S I O R   

Drum & Bugle  Corps
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EXCELSIOR Drum & Bugle Corps  
Excelsior in addition to competing in shows all over the east coast  also performs our competitive show  for Exhibitions  and Parades 

The Drum Corps uses these events to help finance the season in Instructional lessons, uniforms, equipment and transportation.

Please  check our calendar for availability 
and our services  to the RIGHT - for   appearance fees.  Thank you for choosing  X
EXCELSIOR  enjoys performing with out having to compete... With a combination of our 12 Minute show and percussion  features we can  put on almost a 30 minuite  show.   Prices  Vary  by local and or need for transportation . 
X Performs in almost 22 parades a year. All Intrastate parades with in 30 miles  is  an  $1800 appearance fee. 
All other Intrastate parades $ 2000.00
It is very costly to move a drum corps out of state on average the extra-state parades appearance fees  run between 2k-2500.
EXCELSIOR  Is up for just about any competing show  contingent  upon distance and appearance fee.  Please  contact the Director 
 Drum & Bugle Corps ....  Yea ! 
We're doin it !